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Sandwich Washings

  • Sandwich Washings

    Garment Dye

    Clothes with an attractive washed-out or vintage look – that’s typically Sandwich. We use a special washing method to achieve this effect: Garment Dye. Clothes are traditionally made of yarns and fabrics dyed in a particular colour. With the Garment Dye process, the garment is first sewn from an unprocessed and therefore natural fabric, and subsequently the ‘finished’ garment is dyed in large washing machines. We generally use these washings for items of clothing made from woven cotton, woven linen and various kinds of jersey. There are different types of ‘Garment Dyeing’, each with its own effect and intensity of colour, for example Cold Dye, Oil Dye, Transfer Dye and Antique Garment Dye. The difference between these washings is related to the duration of the dyeing process and the type of dye used. Garment Dye can cause the colour of the garment to bleed slightly or fade once it’s been washed and worn. That is intentional and contributes to the washed-out effect.

    Acid Wash

    A large washing machine, mild bleach and special lava stones: those are the ingredients for Acid Wash. This wash method gives garments a unique marbled effect and a soft feel. We frequently use Acid Wash for the pants, skirts and jackets in our collections. A characteristic feature of this treatment is that these garments all vary regarding colour intensity. In fact, the marbled effects are never identical. This is typical of the Acid Wash method and makes every item of clothing unique.

    Stone Wash

    The Stone Wash method was developed to make washed items softer and give them a unique look. Textured stones are added to the washing machine drum in this process. Lava stones are generally preferred, but depending on the desired result, other natural stones are used as well or even synthetic stones.

    Sandwich uses numerous variations of these wash methods to achieve different effects. The most important ones are:

    • Ice Wash
    The stones are first treated in a chemical solution to give the garment an irregular, stonewashed look. This results in a slightly frosted colour that is usually lighter than the garment itself.

    • Bleach Stone Wash
    The use of chlorine in combination with stones give the garments a casual, stonewashed look.

    • Dirty Wash
    The Dirty Wash method is used for making garments darker by washing them with small rubber blocks or balls that are treated with dye. This gives the garments an irregular effect.

    • Enzyme Stone Wash
    The garment is washed with stones in combination with natural cellulose enzymes. This makes the garment softer and gives it a beautiful faded look around the seams.